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Wearing polarized lenses can protect both your eyes and the sensitive skin around them from harmful rays. This will ensure healthy eyesight for your entire lifetime.


Your new polarized lenses will keep your eyes safe from 100% of the UV rays that the sun emits. These lenses also provide more protection than ordinary lenses.

Why should you choose polarized?

• Protection from UVA and UVB  rays

• Provide good color perception

• Protect the sensitive skin around the eyes

• Allow for a lifetime of healthy vision

• Eliminate discomforts of sensitive eyes

• Better protection than basic sunglasses


Get polarized lenses in your new pair of prescription eyeglasses today.

What will your new lenses do?

Without proper protection your eyes can be in danger of serious eye maladies including permanent vision loss.

Be sure to protect your peepers

Know that your eyes are safe from harm

Whenever you step outside you are subjecting your eyes to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Regular sunglasses provide some protection but not as much as a polarized lens from Optical Choice. Keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Add polarized lenses to any existing pair of glasses you have or purchase a new set of designer frames.